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The online booking world is changing. It's time a system recognised this.


We understand the complexity and flexible nature of bar bookings. From managing enquiries and taking deposits or pre-orders, to sorting great run-sheets; we turn your pain into a dream.


The casual dining space has evolved. As well as real-time restaurant booking capability, we can also help manage private dining, group bookings, pre-orders, deposits, and yes, even the Christmas season!


We recognise that pubs can essentially be bars, restaurants and private hire venues all in one. We help manage all aspects of your pub bookings and enquiries, which is why so many major pub groups already rely on us.


An organised guestlist, pre-paid tables and paid entry are all fundamental to a smooth club operation; Collins can manage all this for you as well as take drinks pre-orders at the point of booking for you.

Private Hires

Take enquiries from your site into an organised and trackable managed system. Take pre-orders and pre-payments, print clear and instant function sheets and ensure great communication with your client.


DesignMyNight’s own bookings team have processed millions of covers over the last 5 years, so to say we understand the needs of an online booking and enquiry system would be somewhat underselling ourselves.

Maximise all available space automatically and improve your efficiency.

Collins' real-time booking system uses our smart space-maximising technology to ensure we are maxing out your venue for you. For multi-site clients, Collins can recommend your sister venues in real-time, if the selected venue is showing as full. It can also take a payment or card authentication at the point of booking, so you can collect pre-payments or deposits without having to even contact the client. Better for your clients. More efficient for you.

Screenshot of the bookings enquiry list and floorplan management in Collins

Manage bookings and enquiries.

Set your own rules and take real-time bookings and enquiries all through one booking widget. Manage and track all enquiries (private dining, groups, private hires etc), set reminders, add packages, print function sheets and more.

Use the smart diary and floorplan tools to manage and check-in your daily completed bookings or the detailed function sheets and print-outs.

On the day/night, use efficient tools to add walk-ins, check space and move bookings around. Quick. Simple. Detailed.

Multiple devices showing a partners booking widget on their website

Detailed Reporting.

Detailed as well as easily accessible reporting and data tools from an estate level, down to individual venue level. Get instant access to all of your booking data downloaded straight to your computer. Get to know your customers with tagging, birthdays, booking history and more.

Whether an FD, Operations or GM, you can get access to the data you need. We firmly believe the data collected is yours so we have no access to your booking data and do not in any way use or share your data. What’s yours, is yours.

Image of a detailed report screen inside Collins
Image of a device showing customised email communication from a partner confirming a booking

Great Customer Communication.

​​Tailor the look and feel of all email communication to your customers to suit your brand. Set up email templates and upload menus and photos to a central cloud, as well as automated reminders and follow-ups, to ensure emailing is quick and easy​. Even manage all inbound emails in Collins with your own internal bookings mailbox.

Improve efficiency. Increase conversions.

​With all enquiries, bookings, pre-orders, payments and communication history centrally located, your efficiency and transparency will be greatly improved. Know what you need to chase, give your customers smart tools to make payments and pre-orders, as well as pay as you book functionality, to increase on-site conversion. Collins clients are enjoying an average increased conversion rate of​ 28%.

Image showing the use of filters on the booking enquiry screen in Collins

Collins really is the best thing since sliced bread. From working out of emails and diary to this easy to use system has really transformed the way we organise all bookings and enquiries. I can’t remember how we lived without it.

logo of Drink Shop Do, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users Grace - Bookings Manager @ Drink Shop Do

From emails and Google calendar to Collins, has been transformational for all our bars. Conversions are up and huge amounts of time saved.

logo of London Cocktail Club, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users Julia - Bookings & Events Manager @ London Cocktail Club

Collins has revolutionised how we operate our bars

logo of CG Restaurants, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users Scott - CEO @ CG Restaurants

Extra Features

We believe in breaking boundaries and are constantly revolutionising our client's perceptions of what they expect in a bar/restaurant booking system. Collins already has some ground-breaking extra features that stands us apart from any other global online booking software.

Manage all your email communication within Collins.

Collins becomes your reservations inbox and there is no longer need for multiple email accounts all dealing with different enquiries.

All your team's email communication in one place. This also allows all in and outbound communication with your customers to be logged against their enquiry for any issues or disputes on the night.

screenshot of Collins Mail showing all email history of a booking
screenshot of Collins Preorders page allowing customers to order in advance

Online pre-ordering system that turns the hassle into the dream.

Fed up with excel spreadsheets, scanned order forms, manually entering 100s of pre-orders and folders of paper? Collins Pre-Orders allows you to upload your menus, send these to enquiries/bookings who then get their own checkout to manage with their friends and colleagues.

Your customer then manages their checkout, completes the pre-order, pays for it (if requested by you) and this all comes back into Collins, logged against the booking and automatically pulls through to function sheets for the evening; saving you hours and hours of admin and chasing!

There are systems on the market that just manage your pre-orders for you, that cost the same price as the whole of Collins!

Use Collins to take online payments or over the phone payments.

Make your operation instantly PCI compliant and show your customers that you are a modern, forward-thinking company. No need to rely on PDQ machines or scribbling down customer's card details anymore.

Take a payment at the point of booking, perhaps for an event night or set menu pre-payment, or indeed as a deposit to secure the booking.

All payments are logged in the system against the relevant booking/enquiry.

logo of Stripe Pay, the payment partner for the Collins Booking Software
screenshot of Collins Payment history of a booking

Who likes deposits?

You are paying for two transaction fees with deposits and a customer rarely likes putting down money to secure their booking.

We took inspiration from the hotel industry, allowing you to securely authenticate and validate a customer's card for a set amount. If the customer then fails to show you can claim that money back within Collins at the click of a button. Smart.

screenshot of Collins authorisation demonstrating the ability to take payment auth requests inside the Collins Bookings Software

We believe that a great system is an integrated system.

We know you work with lots of other systems from EPOS to HR, and Collins can run as the pivotal central of this. We are happy to discuss any integrations with you, whether it be with your till system to your CRM database. We are already integrated with:

logo of Zonal, a third party the Collins Bookings Software integrates with


logo of Airship, a third party the Collins Bookings Software integrates with


logo of Fishbowl, a third party the Collins Bookings Software integrates with


logo of Mailchimp, a third party the Collins Bookings Software integrates with


More integrations are added monthly and can also be requested by clients


No cover fees. No set up costs. No training costs. Get live in days.

Single Venue

£ 125.00 p/mper site

2-8 Venues

£ 99.00 p/mper site

Save up to £ 208.00

9-20 Venues

£ 85.00 p/mper site

Save up to £ 800.00

20-50 Venues

£ 75.00 p/mper site

Save up to £ 2500.00

50+ Venues

Call (POA)

Cover fees are history. Our aim is to make you more money. Simple. If you make more money, you’re happy. You’re happy, we’re happy. Our pricing is clear and upfront. A low monthly fee includes everything. No hidden costs.

Let us do the comparison for you

Collins Open
No set up fees
Monthly fee (full system) From
No cover fees
Unlimited administrators
Flexible reporting
Take non-dining bookings
Smart enquiry management system
Manage private hires
Choose between real-time bookings or enquiries
Sell tickets to your events
Cross-sell across multiple venues
Wait time prediction
Exposure opportunities on DesignMyNight.com
Free training
Pre ordering system
Email management system
Weekly updates & improvements
Full estate-wide view
Function sheets

We had always relied on pen and paper but since moving to Collins I have no idea how we coped before!

logo of Kornicis, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users Ami, Group Sales Manager @ Kornicis Group

Collins has transformed how we keep track of all enquiries - conversions are up and we are maximising all available space.

logo of Dirty Martini, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users Faye - Sales Manager @ Dirty Martini

Collins is so easy to use and you can manage everything yourself from enquiries to confirmed bookings with all its different functions, including labels, deposit calculators, packages and more. The run sheet is also fantastic, as it's flexible to our needs with loads of different options and for a busy bar such as ours, the seamless nature from enquiry to run sheet is quite simply an operational game-changer for us.

logo of Dirty Martini, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users Faye - Sales Manager @ Dirty Martini

Trusted by

From the largest national groups to the best independent restaurants, bars and pubs.

Trusted by Purl
Trusted by Dirty Martini
Trusted by London Cocktail Club
Trusted by Nola
Trusted by Worship Street Whistling Shop
Trusted by Barrio
Trusted by White Lyan
Trusted by Nightjar
Trusted by The Mothership Group
Trusted by Arc Inspirations
Trusted by The Breakfast Club
Trusted by Slug and Lettuce
Trusted by The Jam Tree
Trusted by Urban Leisure Group
Trusted by Glendola
Trusted by No 11 Pimlico Road
Trusted by ETM Group
Trusted by Southern Joes Table and Bar
Trusted by Dirty Bones
Trusted by Wahaca
Trusted by Youngs
Trusted by Fullers
Trusted by Laines
Trusted by Geronimo Inns
Trusted by Hippo
Trusted by MPCo.
Trusted by Brewhouse
Trusted by Oakmans
Trusted by The Roof Gardens
Trusted by Eclectic Bar Group
Trusted by Roadhouse
Trusted by Proud
Trusted by Chilli White
Trusted by Tokyo Industries
Trusted by Miroma Leisure
Trusted by Cargo


Collins is built for the hospitality industry, by industry experts.

logo of Kornicis, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users

How did we even manage before Collins?! From a central reservations perspective our booking process is smoother and so much more efficient. We have been able to maximise floor space, turning tables, and most importantly our own time; Collins is wonderfully simple to use and comprehensively covers all aspects of the booking process. We have a diverse portfolio of venues where the primary function varies between sites, and can change between sessions – and Collins works for all of them. Their team is pretty fabulous too!

Ami - Group Sales Manager @ Kornicis Group

logo of Nightjar, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users

Once we were shown the abilities of the Collins system the decision to move our booking system over was easy. Collins ensured we could make the most of reservations, especially online. The transparency of the system and clever reporting helps you to understand the behaviour of your guests and the easy to change 'back end' means you can implement changes based on this data instantly. The host team picked up Collins super quickly too. Collins and DesignMyNight has helped us to give a better service to existing customers as well as finding new ones.

Kelly - Sales & Reservations Manager @ Nightjar

logo of Fullers, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users

Collins has meant a complete shift for us when it comes to event bookings and enquiries. Not only does it handle both table and ticketed bookings, but it is also a comprehensive enquiry management system that helps us manage and convert our bookings quickly and professionally. Their card authentication and pre-order features were revolutionary for us, especially over Christmas, as it helped cut down admin time significantly, allowing us to focus on the most important thing – our customers.

Kerstin - Group Sales Manager @ Fullers

logo of Barrio, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users

Collins has put the data at our fingertips to really transform how we operate our bars and analyse our customers. The Collins team are very helpful, supportive and receptive to suggestions and ideas

Ani - Director @ Barrio Bars

logo of Drink Shop Do, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users

We had always relied on pen and paper but since moving to Collins I have no idea how we coped before! I love that everyone can log-on anywhere, which makes it such a flexible system. Also, the fact that handwritten notes and enquiries from staff no longer exist. It is all logged in Collins now meaning that no information is lost, which means higher conversions.

Kristie - Owner @ Drink Shop Do

logo of Callooh Callay, just one of the happy Collins Bookings Software users

Collins is so easy to use and you can manage everything yourself from enquiries to confirmed bookings with all its different functions, including labels, deposit calculators, packages and more. The run sheet is also fantastic, as it's flexible to our needs with loads of different options and for a busy bar such as ours. The seamless nature from customer enquiry to on-the-night run sheet, is quite simply an operational game-changer for us.

Marie - Reservations & Events Manager @ Callooh Callay


Collins is built for the nightlife industry, by industry experts.

Why on earth is it called Collins?

Well, who doesn't love a Gin Collins? And Phil Collins, and Joan Collins for that matter. Plus, our head of tech's actual name is Colin, though he uses his middle name, Will, instead. Naughty Colin!

Is Collins owned by DesignMyNight?

The DesignMyNight team have built Collins in-house. DesignMyNight's expansive nightlife knowledge and incredible tech team were the perfect combination to build Collins. It took 12 months of blood, sweat and a lot of gin.

As a Collins customer you also get access to DesignMyNight's marketing power in 15 cities with over 4 million monthly views and an active database of over 200,000 city discoverers .

How quickly can I get Collins set up?

The integration process can be super quick. Once we have the admin information from you; from set up to training to live can take as little as 7 days.

Can I access Collins anywhere?

Yes, Collins is a web-based platform so as long as you have the internet you can get access to Collins from anywhere. No licenses required or clunky fixed devices in your venues. Laptops, tablets, desktops... you name it, you can get access on it. Hey, why not sort your bookings on your internet enabled telly while sat at home?!

How many people can get access to my Collins?

As many as you want. We can give you as many log-ins as you want, and you can manage their permissions as you need. After all, if you have a booking system in place surely everyone that needs to see it should get access without having to pay for the pleasure?

Is Collins really just a flat monthly fee?

Yes. We don't believe in making you pay for enquiries made through the module on your own site. There are no hidden costs with us. Clean and simple. (And low cost).

What is this "Enquiry Management System" you talk about?

Collins is not simply a portal to take and place bookings in your venue. It comes with an incredible, clean and simple to use enquiry management system which allows you to track, tag, follow up, make notes, filter and a lot more for all your open enquiries. No more scribbles on paper, screwed up post its, 100 flagged emails and the CEO of Barclays' number for that important private hire stuck to your note pad. Everything is in one place with complete visibility and prompts on what needs to be done, whether it be a small drinks table or a £20K private hire.

Can I organise the layout of my venue with Collins?

Yes we have a drag and drop functionality to lay out your venue for the night. Put multiple groups in one area, put one large group over multiple areas, turn your tables every 2 hours? It's all simple to do and quick to look at on the night to see where your spaces are. We also have a one click Run Sheet generator which shows your heads for the night, break down of types of bookings and all the detail per table, including notes, customer tags, deposit codes and more. Everything your team need to know for the night to run the venue smoothly.

Is reporting of my data possible?

Yes. We know the importance of your own data. As well as standard reports and a "manager's dashboard" you can also get instant access to all your data at the click of a button to then analyse how you want.

Can Collins work for a venue that also works as a restaurant?

Absolutely. We know most venues either work as a restaurant as well as drinks bar, or at least serve food, but you still need the flexibility that a pure-play restaurant booking system can't offer you. Food tables, drinks tables, private hires? Collins can manage them all.


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